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Lack of transport can be a real barrier to social connection, especially if you stop driving or have a disability. It is helpful to think through the impact that not driving may have your life, and understand your transport options before you need them.

Thinking about your options

How would you get to your club, family/whanau, friends and church if you couldn’t drive or your usual form of transport no longer works for you? Thinking about transport options ahead of time means that you will be informed, and mentally and financially prepared for the change. It can mean giving yourself permission, before you need it, to do things like take taxis. With some advance planning, you can also work the costs into your financial planning for retirement.

When thinking about your future transport options, be realistic about your own health and what your family and friends can provide. Maybe you will be able to drive your own car for a long time, but maybe you won’t. Family and friends can help but it is unlikely that they will be able to provide all your transport needs. Being prepared to use other transport options will mean that you can keep doing the things you enjoy.

Lots of people think taxis are expensive, but these days they can be a cost effective option. Depending where you live, taxis may be cheaper than owning and running a car. If you have or develop a disability you may be eligible for a disability discount card which may reduce the cost of taxis even further.

Not being able to drive your own car doesn’t mean the end of getting out and about, you may just need to plan more.

Things to think about:

If you can’t drive anymore?

What transport options are there in your area?

  • Public transport
  • Taxi/Uber/Zoomy
  • Companion driving services (e.g. Driving Miss Daisy)
  • Community transport options
  • Rides from friends/family

Do you know how to use these different services and what they cost?

SuperGold Card holders can get FREE off-peak travel on public transport services in many areas around the country.

Auckland Transport Hopcard, Snapper - preloading cards with money in advance. Timetables/cards/apps, etc.

How much do you spend on transport now?

Think about fuel, insurance, repairs, registration. How many taxi/Uber rides would this amount cover?