Te hangarau

There is a lot of technology available to help people connect with others, but there can be drawbacks in that that some technology can have the effect of making people feel more isolated. We need actual, in-person contact with others to stay healthy.

That said, technology is a great help for organising your life and it is increasingly essential to understand the on-line tools available that will connect you to important services, and help you stay in touch with others.

If you are feeling unsure about technology today, you may be at risk of losing some of your social connections, as many families, groups, clubs and service providers are moving to communication via technology first, (Facebook, Skype, email, Google etc). If you are not able to use this technology you may miss out on opportunities for social interaction, and getting things done might just be a bit harder!

Keeping Current

There is no expectation that you need to become a tech wizard, but keeping as current as possible with popular tools like email, texting, Google, social media platforms will mean you don’t fall behind advances and risk increasing isolation.

Having a plan around how you will decide what you need to know about, and how you will learn it is the key. Even if you have not used technology up to now, it is never too late to learn the basics. Devices like tablets, and smart phones can be very easy to use once you are shown how. There are organisations set up to help older people with technology, and even businesses that will come to your home and set up your technology for you.

Service providers are increasingly encouraging their customers to use their websites and apps to access their services. This is particularly true for transport providers as public transport, taxis and ride share services, who all offer web services and apps that make it easy and quick to plan travel or book a service.

Things to think about:

What do you know about technology that keeps people connected with their community/friends/family such as Facebook, Neighbourly

Do you know about technology that means you can send messages/call people such as Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp which are free if you are using Wifi?

Do you know where to go for assistance with technology?

Paying for services over the internet is easy and convenient however many people are unsure about using credit cards on-line for security reasons. If you want to understand more about your on-line payment options, talk to your bank.

What devices do you have today? Are you confident using the functions on them or are you just using your smart phone for making phone calls?